I have been working like hell on 5 projects! (Not including paid work)

“De” (A short film i Directed starring the talented Vemund Flata) Release 1.November (Vimeo and Youtube)

“Vulcan doc” (A short documentary about the Vulcan as it is today) Unknown (Vimeo)

“The animals” (A short piece about the animals in London Zoo) Unknown (Vimeo)

“Vampire’s eat dogs too” (A short, short film with only three people to pull it off) 14. September (Vimeo and Youtube)

“France by night” (A short time lapse film starring the Stars) Unknown (Vimeo)

“De” and “France by night” should have trailers up soon =) I will post them with a bit more info about the films.

Have few projects still in the planning stages, but they should be ready for shooting soon.


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A short nature montage I shot last weekend at a lake in Asker.

I edited it on Wednesday and imported it in to Speedgrade and graded it, but didn’t save the premiere pro file so I had to reedit it today.

Any how off to Danmark tomorrow so that should be fun.


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Work, work ,work


I’ve just finished my second paid gig WOHO yeah finally. I wish I could show you guys, but I’ll post if the client posts it online =). I am in the middle of color correcting a test short for a project you guys can’t know about yet.

I’m using the new Adobe speed grade and my new Enizo screen. I really need help so if anyone wants to give me a hand I would really love the help!

Other than that I’ve been in loads of meetings trying to get clerance for stuff I can’t tell you about it YET!!! I’m so Sorry but it’ll be worth the wait I HOPE!!!!

Anyways yeah trying to put togeather a reel but I am in the middle of my 3 weeks of exams sooooooooo I don’t have lots of time. but any how new post soon!


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Hello, and welcome


Welcome to my blog!

This will double as a website and personal blog so as you can see on the menu bar there “blog” thats where my day to day stuff will be and things i find or create. There is also a clients page for any one who is or wants to become a client! there is also a my work , my gear, my projects and showreel.

Thanks for popping in!


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